Mutlu Battery is committed to all the METAIR Group of Companies principles as an affiliate and adopts the Group’s environmental management system and sustainability approach.

Mutlu Battery commits to the following as part of its environmental policy:

Making sure that the assessments related to the environmental impacts of products are included in the product design process, assessing the environmental impacts of any process before implementing it;

Assessing environmental impacts, risks and opportunities in all of our investments and supplies, choosing the best techniques possible to minimize negative impacts, considering the same aspects also when purchasing products and services

Manufactured with technological innovations, our batteries help end-users reduce their environmental impact. Similarly, closely following these kinds of new technologies that will contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment and developing products accordingly;

Preventing the pollution at the source whenever and wherever possible by following continuous improvement principles concerning air, water, noise and soil pollution to prevent the negative environmental impacts of our product and service processes from harming the environment;

Minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, products and services;

Minimizing the negative environmental impacts of our products at each stage of the product life cycle, implementing and improving the process of collecting and recycling waste batteries with the best environmental performance possible;

Minimizing the energy and water consumption throughout all of our production, recycling and service operations to protect natural resources and using natural resources in the most efficient way possible;

As a part of the circular economy, developing programs to encourage the protection of natural resources through recovery, recycling and other relevant methods;

Contributing to the reduction of the impact of our processes on climate change and the processes and efforts aimed at the sustainable development goal;

Acting in line with compliance liabilities, national ones in particular, and METAIR’s principles and standards, supporting the improvement efforts required even to exceed legal conditions and standards where possible;

Efficiently implementing our environmental management system, reviewing it regularly, updating it when necessary and ensuring that it is continuously improved to increase the level of our environmental performance;

Communicating the commitments and environmental principles set out in our environmental policy to our employees, contractors, suppliers and other solutions partners and increasing their environmental awareness through training programs and various channels.