R&D Center & Investments

In September 2014, Mutlu Battery began to formalize its R&D efforts of long years, and on 09 February 2015, Mutlu Battery R&D Center was officially commissioned with approval from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Commissioned within Mutlu Battery’s factory and established on an area of 1,228m2, the center embodies an R&D laboratory accredited with ISO 17025 certification upon auditing the processes implemented and the standards it met.

To further improve the competencies of our R&D Center employees, we, as the company, support their master’s and doctorate’s education and offer technical- and competency-based development programs.

In this regard, we are carrying out numerous R&D projects simultaneously, which are audited every year by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology. The projects developed are not limited to the lead-acid batteries in the main product range; they also cover innovative battery technologies such as lithium-ion products.

Strategy and Objective of Mutlu Battery’s R&D Center:

Check IconTo develop new products
Check IconTo develop new production technologies
Check IconTo increase the number of Industry 4.0 practices
Check IconTo carry out projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint
Check IconTo increase the use of renewable energy resources
Check IconTo increase collaboration between universities and the industry
Check IconTo increase the number of academic publications
Check IconTo develop national and international projects