High Temp Batteries

High Temp Batteries

High Temp BatteriesHigh Temp Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMHigh Temp Batteries

Mutlu High Temp Batteries are batteries with SLI technology specially developed to meet the starter needs of vehicles in Automotive and Commercial groups in hot climates. Extremely hot weather adversely affects the performance of the batteries, therefore, the use of specially differentiated batteries for climate conditions in such regions provides an economic advantage to the user. Thanks to their reinforced internal structures and durable product designs, Mutlu High Temp Batteries provide high performance and long cycle life. Grids with increased corrosion resistance, on the other hand, eliminate the main problems in these areas, such as plate shedding or grid expansion. 

Mutlu High Temp Batteries, suitable for use in passenger and light commercial vehicles, are classified as Japanese and European Type according to the origin of the vehicles. It meets the electrical requirements of many passenger and light commercial vehicle types such as automobiles, pick-ups, minibuses, mini trucks. Mutlu High Temp passenger car batteries, which are produced with sealed lid technology and do not require maintenance, provide superior performance in extreme climate conditions. Commercial Group High Temp batteries, on the other hand, are maintenance-free, heavy-duty group batteries classified as MF and SMF according to their lid technologies. They meet the battery needs of many commercial vehicles such as lorries, trucks, buses and construction equipment used in hot climates in the most suitable way. Thanks to their high vibration resistance, they are suitable for use in the toughest climate and terrain conditions. "

  • New product design for extreme climate conditions
  • Wide range of products suitable for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles
  • Long service life thanks to reinforced internal structure and high vibration resistance"

Superior performance under extreme climate conditions (Between +61 °C and -41 °C)

More corrosion resistant grid structure

Low water loss capability (EN W4 water consumption level)

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