SFB Military Type Batteries

SFB Military Type Batteries

SFB Military Type BatteriesSFB Military Type Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMSFB Military Type Batteries

Mutlu SFB Military Type Batteries are flooded type batteries with SLI technology that provide starting power for the operation of military vehicle engines. They provide the electrical energy for electronic hardware and equipment in vehicles. They are maintenance free with their patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology. Mutlu SFB Military Type Batteries are suitable for extreme climate conditions with their high starting power, reinforced internal structures and high resistance to impacts. They provide ease of use in rough terrain by offering higher vibration resistance than standard batteries. Made of fire-retardant plastic material, the special box design offers maximum safety and security. SFB Military Type Batteries are manufactured in accordance with the NATO VG95928 standard.

Mutlu Battery's SFB Military Type Batteries help trucks, tanks, panzers and armored vehicles in the defense industry to perform their duties properly. They provide energy for many electrical hardware and equipment such as communication, navigation and device charging systems in vehicles. They are suitable for use in demanding conditions on rough terrain and in variable climate conditions with high vibration resistance and resistance to impacts. High starting power and higher vibration resistance than standard batteries are among the most important advantages of SFB Military Type Batteries. 

  • Developed for use in military-type vehicles, NATO
    flooded battery technology conforming with VG95928 standards
  • High starting power and reinforced internal structure
  • Usage in harsh climate conditions thanks to its resistance to impacts
  • Special box design made of fire retardant plastic material
  • providing high safety

High performance in harsh climate conditions with its reinforced internal structure and resistance against impacts


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology


Maintenance-free product technology


Active substance developed specifically for the SFB technology


Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries


100Ah D7
  • Mutlu CodeD7.100.072.C
  • Capacity (Ah)100
  • CCA EN (A)720
  • BoxD7
  • Length (mm)286
  • Width (mm)269
  • Height (mm)230
125Ah D7
  • Mutlu CodeD7.125.090.C
  • Capacity (Ah)125
  • CCA EN (A)900
  • BoxD7
  • Length (mm)286
  • Width (mm)269
  • Height (mm)230
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