GEL Batteries

GEL Batteries

Mutlu GEL Batteries are products with VRLA technology, included in the sealed battery category, and can be used in many areas. Mutlu GEL Batteries contain a gelled form in which there is no liquid electrolyte and do not have problems such as liquid spillage. Mutlu GEL Batteries are also suitable for indoor use with their minimum gas output. They are preferred especially for hobby use, sea transportation and various energy systems with their long service life and durability. Mutlu GEL batteries, with their maintenance free product technology, can perform high charge-discharge cycles and are suitable for deep discharge. Working with superior performance compared to standard batteries in extreme climate conditions, GEL Batteries adapt to many different uses with their high vibration resistance. 

Mutlu GEL Batteries are widely used in marine transportation vehicles such as boats and yachts, also known as the marine industry. Thanks to its high vibration resistance, Mutlu GEL Battery technology is suitable for use in extreme climate and weather conditions that one can experience at sea. Mutlu GEL Batteries can be preferred for the reason that they can used in caravans for a long time without any problems.  With the high performance they offer, they also meet the energy needs of the electrical equipment in caravans. Mutlu JEL Batteries are also used as storage equipment in solar systems that generate electrical energy from solar energy. With their maintenance free product technology, Mutlu GEL Batteries provides uninterrupted energy in hospitals, power plants, and factories where UPS systems are used. 

  • Product technology with the highest cycle life among lead-acid batteries
  • Product group suitable for use in closed areas without gas exhaust
  • Long term use thanks to VRLA technology

Leak-proof product technology that does not require maintenance thanks to gelled electrolyte

Deep discharge capability with its strong internal structure


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Maintenance-free product technology


High vibration resistance


Suitable for deep discharge


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology developed for GEL batteries


Active substance developed specially for GEL batteries


Cover system equipped with a special pressure control valve (VRLA)


Leakproof due to the gelled electrolyte


200Ah GEL
  • Mutlu CodeGD6.200.085.B
  • Capacity (Ah)200
  • CCA EN (A)850
  • BoxD6
  • Length (mm)518
  • Width (mm)273
  • Height (mm)242
230Ah GEL
  • Mutlu CodeGD6.230.090.B
  • Capacity (Ah)230
  • CCA EN (A)900
  • BoxD6
  • Length (mm)518
  • Width (mm)273
  • Height (mm)242
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