SFB Taxi Batteries

SFB Taxi Batteries

SFB Taxi BatteriesSFB Taxi Batteries
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Mutlu SFB Taxi Batteries provide electrical energy for taxis to carry passengers to their destinations in all climate and traffic conditions. Distance traveled by taxis during the day and how many times the engine is started are much higher than other vehicles. Equipment and devices such as beacon, taximeter, navigation, transmitters, air conditioning, radio and interior lighting are used in taxis both when the vehicle is running and also when the engine is turned off. SFB Taxi Batteries provide energy for taxis to carry out their commercial activities in a healthy way, maintain the transportation service smoothly, and avoid battery-related problems that may disrupt city traffic. SFB Taxi Batteries are designed to have higher starting power, vibration resistance and longer cycle life compared to standard batteries. 

SFB Taxi Batteries, specially developed by Mutlu Battery for commercial taxis, are flooded type batteries with SLI technology. SFB Taxi Batteries meet starting needs of taxis and offer up to 25% higher performance than standard batteries. They produce starting power for the vehicle during long working hours and the necessary energy when the engine is not running. SFB Taxi Batteries, which have patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology, are designed with a cycle life two times longer than standard batteries. They provide ease of use with their maintenance free structure. SFB Taxi Batteries, which have higher vibration resistance than standard batteries, are friendly to taxi users with their high performance even in extreme climate conditions.

  • Product group with high capacity and starting power, designed to meet the high energy needs of taxis
  • Long cycle life, suitable for more frequent use than standard batteries 
  • Maintenance-free product technology

High performance and long cycle life for your taxis

Long service life thanks to the strong internal structure with gravity cast grid technology


Up to 25% higher performance thanstandard batteries


Up to two times longer cycle life compared to standard batteries


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology


Active substance developed specifically for the SFB technology


Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries


Maintenance-free product technology


65Ah L2 Taxi
  • Mutlu CodeTAXI.L2.65.054.A
  • Capacity (Ah)65
  • CCA EN (A)540
  • BoxL2
  • Length (mm)242
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
72Ah L3 Taxi
  • Mutlu CodeTAXI.L3.72.057.C
  • Capacity (Ah)72
  • CCA EN (A)570
  • BoxL3
  • Length (mm)275
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
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