Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion BatteriesLithium-Ion Batteries
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When considering future technology products, Lithium-ion batteries leave other energy storage solutions behind with their technical specifications. Lithium-ion batteries are designed by Mutlu Battery best to meet the needs and expectations of the customer while providing unparalleled ease of use due to their maintenance-free design. Lithium-ion Batteries are preferred in many areas such as the automotive industry, forklifts, stacking machines, shuttle systems, solar systems, golf carts, caravans, railway transportation, cleaning equipment, telecommunication stations and household storage systems due to their high performance and a long cycle life. 

Lithium-ion batteries by Mutlu can be recharged repeatedly due to their deep discharge capacity and can be used for long periods with maximum performance since they discharge at a slower rate. Since there is no gas exhaust, they can be easily stored even in enclosed spaces. They have a higher heat resistance, which means they are significantly less affected by temperature changes than other batteries. This prevents problems such as voltage fluctuations, corrosion, or battery swelling under varying climate and temperature conditions. Lithium-ion batteries are also resistant to acid overflow or leakage as they do not contain an electrolyte solution.   

Besides offering reliability due to their high testing standards, lithium-ion batteries are equipped with eco-friendly technologies that contribute to sustainability practices. They also offer significant cost advantages due to delivering higher energy efficiency than batteries manufactured with different technologies despite similar capacities while consuming less energy than lead-acid batteries. Operational efficiency increases as these batteries do not cause downtimes due to battery replacements. They do not incur labor costs such as adding water or acid level checks. At the same time, they take up less space than other batteries meaning these products can be used both as industrial and household energy storage solutions. 

The Battery Management System (BMS) allows the user to continuously monitor the capacity, voltage, temperature, state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH) of lithium-ion batteries so the system balance is ensured. This results in high performance for a longer time, prevention of battery downtime, and zero operational interruptions.

  • Tailor-made solutions for customer needs and expectations
  • Contribution to sustainability with eco-friendly and energy-efficient products
  • High-performing and safe product technology with a long cycle life

Automotive Industry

Products with long cycle life and maximum performance for hybrid vehicles


Hybrid power solutions for telecommunication and off-site facilities

Industrial Stacking Machines

Wide product range exclusive to stacking machines such as forklifts and pallet trucks, with different voltages and capacities


Ultimate battery solutions that deliver maximum performance to automated guided vehicles

Residential Energy Storage

Storable and uninterrupted energy with a decorative, user -friendly and all in one smart storage system

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