AGM Military Type Batteries

AGM Military Type Batteries

AGM Military Type BatteriesAGM Military Type Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMAGM Military Type Batteries

Mutlu AGM Military Type Batteries are long-lasting VRLA type batteries that provide starting power for the operation of military vehicles. Military vehicles can carry many electrically powered internal and external equipment and hardware based on their mission. Mutlu AGM Military Type Batteries provide the electrical energy for electronic hardware and equipment in military vehicles. AGM Military Type Batteries containing VRLA (absorbent glass mat) technology show extra strength with their reinforced internal structure and gravity technology grids. Used in vehicles with the most advanced systems, AGM battery technology is highly suitable for military vehicles that contain technological and sensitive equipment. Manufactured according to NATO MIL-STD-810G standards, AGM Military Type Batteries offer the high performance needed in military vehicles with their high starting power and reinforced internal structures. Made of non-flammable and fire-retardant plastic material, the special box design of AGM Military Type Batteries provides maximum safety and security. The prominent advantages of these batteries that they are impermeable, anti-sulfating and do not require maintenance.

Mutlu Battery's AGM Military Type Batteries provide energy for military tanks, panzers and armored wheeled vehicles used in the defense industry. High-performance AGM Military Type Batteries also provide electricity for many electronic devices used in communication, navigation and military operations. Thanks to their resistance to impacts and high vibration resistance, they are suitable for demanding tasks, rough terrain and variable climate conditions. AGM Military Type Batteries offer a high resistance level against very high currents compared to standard batteries, thanks to their special brass terminals. 

  • Developed for use in military-type vehicles, NATO VRLA battery technology conforming with MIL-STD-810G standards
  • High performance in extreme climate conditions due to its resistance to impacts
  • High starting power and reinforced internal structure
  • Special box design made of fire retardant plastic material providing high safety

Long service life thanks to its reinforced internal structure and VRLA technology


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology


Maintenance-free product technology and fully sealed cover system


Active substance developed specifically for the AGM technology


Higher vibration resistance compared to standard batteries


120Ah AGM D7
  • Mutlu CodeAGM.D7.120.120.C
  • Capacity (Ah)120
  • CCA EN (A)1200
  • BoxD7
  • Length (mm)286
  • Width (mm)270
  • Height (mm)230
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