We are committed to:
Assessing all recommendations from our customers, resolving their complaints in an open, transparent and customer-oriented manner and ensuring continuity of this process;

Maintaining our relationships with all relevant parties at the optimum level to ensure that our customers are offered services and solutions in the shortest time possible;

Ensuring that our customers can send us all their complaints, questions, information requests and recommendations about our products and services through our customer services line on 0850 80 80 258, on www.mutlu.com.tr or via our social media accounts;

Ensuring that all recommendations and complaints submitted are recorded in the complaint management system and assessed in an objective, unbiased, accountable and fair manner;

Ensuring that the complaint assessment process is free of charge and if the customer is correct, the product is replaced with a new one without any extra charges under the warranty terms;

Assessing the complaints in compliance with the legal regulations, considering customer satisfaction and company policies and based on concrete data after getting all information from relevant parties;

Explaining the results of the complaint in detail to the customer with the relevant justification;

reviewing the complaints and recommendations from our customers, detecting areas that need improvement and ensuring that the complaint management process is continuously improved;

ensuring that the senior management encourages employees to take the initiative when making decisions in customer satisfaction processes;

Periodically reviewing and reporting our processes, with the participation of senior management as well, to ensure the adequacy of resources and take all necessary actions in this regard;

ensuring compliance with the privacy of personal data in line with the law, not sharing our customers' personal data with a department or organization that is not relevant, and not contacting our customers for unrelated purposes.

We are committed.