Traction Batteries

Traction Batteries

Traction BatteriesTraction Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMTraction Batteries

Traction Batteries, which stand out as a clean energy source especially in closed areas where the environmental factor is important, are preferred as power sources in vehicles that operate with electricity. Tubular plate technology (PzS, PzSB, PzSBL) is used in Mutlu Traction Batteries, having a wide product range in DIN and BS standards. Thanks to the positive tubular plate technology, they are resistant to deep discharges and long-lasting. 
Mutlu Traction Batteries, operating according to the basic principles of lead acid batteries, have extensive industrial use.  Electric forklifts, pallet trucks, platform and cranes, mining locomotives, aviation ground support equipment, stackers, battery-powered tow trucks, floor cleaning vehicles and conveyor systems meet the electrical energy they need with Mutlu Traction Batteries. 
Thanks to the placement of the active material and grids in specially designed non-woven type tubes in the internal structure of Mutlu Traction Batteries, the active material remains on the plate for a long time, thus ensuring a long life of the battery. Owing to the optimized low-antimony grid alloys, high corrosion resistance and minimum water loss occur. The separators that envelop the positive plates in the form of an envelope also eliminate the risk of a short circuit. 
Battery components are held in boxes made of acid and impact resistant polypropylene material. The sealing gaskets on the cover ensure the tightness of the terminal leads. Through the prism placed under the battery boxes, the residues that might be spilled from the plates over time are collected and short circuit formation is prevented. There are vent plugs on the cover that allow the gases formed during charging to exhaust the battery. The automatic filling system, which allows equalizing the electrolyte level in the cells, the air mix system, where the air supplied into the cell and the electrolyte can be effectively mixed, and the level sensor, where the electrolyte levels can be easily monitored via LED light, are optionally offered according to customer requests. 

Mutlu Traction Batteries are designed in accordance with customer needs and expectations with BS Type, DIN/Flexible Type, DIN/Perfect Type and 6V Golf battery options. With capacity alternatives ranging for (PzS) type batteries from 120Ah to 1550Ah; BS (PzSB) type batteries from 80Ah to 900Ah are included in Mutlu Traction product range. 

  • Corrosion resistant grids produced with injection technology
  • Vent plugs with openable caps for adding water and measuring electrolyte density 
  • Low internal resistance and high acid volume owing to separators with high porosity and puncture resistance

BS Type Traction Batteries

Deep discharge resistant and long-lasting batteries offered with capacity alternatives ranging from 80Ah to 900Ah

DIN/Flexible Type Traction Batteries

Long service life provided by its metal casing coating resistant to acid and external factors, its structure resistant to deep discharge (80%) and its special alloy with antimony.

DIN/Perfect Type Traction Batteries

Closed connection design that completely prevents contact with lead surfaces, improved cover technology and new sealing structure

6V 180Ah Golf Battery 

Uninterrupted energy and maximum performance that golf vehicles need

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