Full Energy Batteries

Full Energy Batteries

Full Energy BatteriesFull Energy Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMFull Energy Batteries

Mutlu Full Energy Batteries can work for long periods, can be preferred for hobbies or commercial purposes, and designed to be used in energy storage solutions.  Their product technology stands out with its low water loss feature and does not require maintenance. Used in many different areas, Full Energy Batteries are preferred as a critical power source, especially in areas that require continuity, such as caravans, solar systems, and cleaning equipment. They offer high cycle life with their improved internal structure. Mutlu Full Energy Batteries have a deep discharge feature of up to 50% in applications with high energy requirements. Mutlu Full Energy Batteries with calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology have a safe structure with specially designed protection covers, reinforced lead connection intricacies and flame arrester filters.  Mutlu Full Energy Batteries offer superior performance and vibration resistance compared to standard batteries in extreme climate and working conditions. 

Offered by Mutlu Battery for a wide range of uses, Full Energy Batteries offer the power needed by many electronic equipment and devices such as refrigerators, televisions, extra lighting and air conditioners used for long hours in caravans. Working with high performance in different climate conditions, they don’t let the caravan users down. maintenance free batteries are also used in solar systems that store solar energy without the need for maintenance after installation. Full Energy Batteries are also suitable for use in solar systems. With their structure suitable for deep discharge, they stand out with a superior performance throughout the time of use. Cleaning equipment can be used for long hours during the day. Full Energy Batteries are also a suitable solution for cleaning equipment with their high performance. Full Energy Batteries are preferred especially for cleaning equipment of different sizes used in municipalities, industrial facilities, factories, and various private institutions. 

  • Battery technology with high cycle life that is designed to be used in energy storage solutions
  • Deep discharge (deep cycle) capacity up to 50% 
  • Maintenance-free product technology owing to its calcium (Ca) alloy grid structure

Maintenance-free product technology with its calcium (Ca) alloy grid structure


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Maintenance-free product technology


High vibration resistance


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology developed for Full Energy batteries


Active substance developed specifically for Full Energy batteries


Suitable for deep discharge


48Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFL1.48.030.A
  • Capacity (Ah)48
  • CCA EN (A)300
  • BoxL1
  • Length (mm)207
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
60Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFL2.60.036.A
  • Capacity (Ah)60
  • CCA EN (A)360
  • BoxL2
  • Length (mm)242
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
75Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFL3.75.048.A
  • Capacity (Ah)75
  • CCA EN (A)480
  • BoxL3
  • Length (mm)278
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
95Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFL5.95.064.A
  • Capacity (Ah)95
  • CCA EN (A)640
  • BoxL5
  • Length (mm)353
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
100Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFD31.100.064.A
  • Capacity (Ah)100
  • CCA EN (A)640
  • BoxD31
  • Length (mm)306
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)224
135Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFD4.135.068.A
  • Capacity (Ah)135
  • CCA EN (A)680
  • BoxD4
  • Length (mm)513
  • Width (mm)186
  • Height (mm)223
165Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFD5.165.095.A
  • Capacity (Ah)165
  • CCA EN (A)950
  • BoxD5
  • Length (mm)513
  • Width (mm)223
  • Height (mm)223
225Ah Full Energy
  • Mutlu CodeFD6.225.110.B
  • Capacity (Ah)225
  • CCA EN (A)1100
  • BoxD6
  • Length (mm)518
  • Width (mm)273
  • Height (mm)242
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