SFB Marine Batteries

SFB Marine Batteries

SFB Marine BatteriesSFB Marine Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMSFB Marine Batteries

Mutlu SFB Marine Batteries are designed with flooded type battery technology to provide energy for sea transportation vehicles with their superior performance. SFB Marine Batteries offer starting power needed for engines in vehicles such as boats and yachts. They provide energy for some type of electrical devices and equipment in marine type vehicles need. They offer high security with their cover technology with central gas outlet system and flame arrester filter. They have a specially developed grid structure, active material and special separators with glass mat for SFB technology. SFB Marine Batteries have patented new design ergonomic carrying handle, protection cover and maintenance free product technology. Produced from fire retardant plastic material, SFB Marin Batteries are certified with Türk Loydu certificate.

Mutlu Battery's SFB Marine Batteries provide cost advantages with a higher cycle life than standard batteries. The strong internal structures of SFB Marine Batteries provide high short-circuit resistance along with long life. Maintaining their strength in humid and windy conditions frequently seen in a marine environment, SFB Marin Batteries also maintain their structure at high temperatures. Another outstanding feature of SFB Marine Batteries is that they offer high resistance to shocks and vibrations that last for long periods of time. With its structure preserving electrolytes up to 55 degrees inclination, they offer safe use during wavy travels. 

  • Flooded type battery technology specially developed for marine transportation vehicles, certified by Turkish Lloyd
  • High security with central gas outlet system with flame arrestor feature
  • Longer service life than standard batteries thanks to its reinforced internal structure

High safety with leakproof lid design and box made of fire retardant material

Product technology exclusively developed for marine batteries; special grid alloy, active material and special separators providing high cycle life


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Maintenance-free product technology


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology developed for SFB Marine batteries


Active substance developed specially for SFB Marine batteries


A structure that preserves the electrolytes in inclinations up to 55 degree


High vibration resistance


90Ah Marin
  • Mutlu CodeML5.90.060.A
  • Capacity (Ah)90
  • CCA EN (A)600
  • BoxL5
  • Length (mm)353
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)190
125Ah Marin
  • Mutlu CodeMD3.125.090.A
  • Capacity (Ah)125
  • CCA EN (A)900
  • BoxD3
  • Length (mm)349
  • Width (mm)175
  • Height (mm)286
180Ah Marin
  • Mutlu CodeMD5.180.100.A
  • Capacity (Ah)180
  • CCA EN (A)1000
  • BoxD5
  • Length (mm)513
  • Width (mm)223
  • Height (mm)223
200Ah Marin
  • Mutlu CodeMD6.200.100.B
  • Capacity (Ah)200
  • CCA EN (A)1000
  • BoxD6
  • Length (mm)518
  • Width (mm)273
  • Height (mm)242
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