EFB Commercial Batteries

EFB Commercial Batteries

EFB Commercial BatteriesEFB Commercial Batteries
Mutlu Akü - AGMEFB Commercial Batteries

Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries are batteries that carry enhanced flooded type battery technology, suitable for use in heavy duty vehicles such as heavy commercial vehicles and construction equipment having Start-Stop features. EFB Commercial Batteries, which meet the starter needs of commercial vehicles operating under intense working conditions and work machines operating under certain loads, provides the electrical energy needed by the vehicles even when the engine is not running. EFB Commercial Batteries, which offer 2 times longer cycle life, owing to their reinforced internal structures, than standard flooded type batteries, also has a fast-charging feature. Central gas outlet system and leakproof cover technology with flame arrestor are among the superior safety features of EFB Commercial Batteries. EFB Commercial Batteries' fully framed grid technology with its short-circuit resistance also contributes to long-lasting use.  EFB Commercial Batteries, which offer high vibration resistance thanks to the special plate fixing system (Hotmelt) inside, are suitable for harsh working conditions. Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries are also advantageous with their maintenance free structure and long service life. Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries can also be used for longer service life in commercial vehicles and construction equipment that do not have the Start-Stop feature.

Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries, which meet the technical and high-performance expectations of vehicle and equipment manufacturers, are preferred in trucks, lorries, buses, and construction equipment, known as heavy vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. EFB Commercial Batteries meet the high-level energy requirements of vehicles that are used in logistics transportation, taken charge of passenger transportation, and working at construction sites. Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries, which provide advantages with its long cycle life in lorries and truck group vehicles that cover long kilometers, also come to the fore with their vibration resistance in construction-excavation trucks where the working tempo is measured by hours and the number of trips. They are also preferred in many work and construction machines such as backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, excavators, asphalt spreaders, rollers, dozers, and graders, with their leak-proof structures, long life advantages, and performance in harsh climate conditions. Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries also meet the energy needs of buses that offer intracity and intercity travel services at the maximum level. Mutlu EFB Commercial Batteries, which provide the energy required for the starter need in buses, uninterruptedly provide the energy required by lightings in the passenger seat line, roof lamps, and LCD screens located behind the seats. 

  • Special design for commercial vehicles with Start-Stop technology or with high energy needs
  • Thanks to EFB technology, 2 times longer cycle life than standard flooded type batteries
  • With its central gas outlet system and flame arrestor feature, maintenance free product technology that provides high security


Maintenance-free product technology that provides high safety, suitable for harsh terrain and working conditions

Long service life thanks to gravity cast grid technology and PE separators with glassmat providing corrosion resistance


Up to two times longer cycle life


Quick chargeacceptance forStart-Stop technology


Innovative products forStart-Stop vehiclessupporting reduced carbondioxide emission


Higher performance under extreme climate conditions compared to standard batteries


Patented calcium (Ca) alloy grid technology developed for EFB Commercial batteries


Active substance developed for EFB Commercial batteries


Maintenance-free product technology


Shelf life up to 18 months under suitable conditions


Meets V3 vibration resistance requirements as per EN 50342 standard


240Ah EFB
  • Mutlu CodeEFB.D6.240.125.B
  • Capacity (Ah)240
  • CCA EN (A)1250
  • BoxD6
  • Length (mm)518
  • Width (mm)273
  • Height (mm)242
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