Mutlu Plastic and Packaging

Mutlu Plastik ve Ambalaj San. A.Ş. serves to meet the production needs of the market in terms of new molds, accessories, and machinery spare parts when required. Working with superior production technologies and making innovative investments, Mutlu Plastik can manufacture all kinds of battery plastic parts and accessories.

In 2016, Mutlu Plastik ve Ambalaj moved out of Güneşli to Mutlu Battery Tuzla Tepeören plants, and it now operates in an enclosed space of 6,835m2 with an annual production capacity of 23,727 metric tons.

Mutlu Plastik aims to maintain high production standards in all processes, so the Mutlu Plastik plant has a well-equipped molding shop with design and CAD/CAM facilities. Thanks to the technical equipment that manufactures products with the advanced CNC machines, spark eroders and various milling and grinding machines and turning lathes at the molding shop, molds are manufactured with high precision and functionality, and it is ensured that plastic injection needs are met.