Mutlu Gediz Recycling Plant

Gediz Recycling Plant is the factory where the lead-based waste from the production processes of the Mutlu Battery factory and the lead-based waste batteries collected from all Mutlu Battery dealerships throughout Turkey are recycled. The plant started as an antimony smelter and concentrated lead factory in 1972 but ended these activities in 1987 to start serving as a recycling factory for lead-acid waste batteries.

Mutlu Gediz Recycling Plant is located on 50,490m2 in total, 11,354m2 of which is an enclosed space. The land of this plant was registered as an industrial area by the governor’s office of Kütahya in 2020. Having reached an annual waste battery recycling capacity of 30,000 metric tons after the modernization efforts and improvements, the plant received an EIA Positive Certificate in 2013.

The waste from Mutlu Battery dealerships and the factory for recycling purposes is collected at the waste site of Gediz Recycling Plant before being subjected to waste sorting processes. After sorting, each material is put through processes structured according to its characteristics to ensure recovery. The lead goes through the necessary processes and is purified before being used as a secondary lead in production processes. Waste that is not suitable for reuse is sent to the sanitary landfills approved by the authorities. After the lead and its compounds are removed, waste plastic is sent to plastic recycling companies on the condition that they do not use it in the food sector. This high level of recycling contributes to the environment and sustainability.