Mutlu Battery offers the best products and services for fleets and corporate customers from different sectors. The ideal product from the broad range is recommended to the fleet customer, depending on the customer’s expectations and the structure and needs of the fleet car park. Designed as a higher version of commercial batteries, the super heavy-duty batteries deliver the best solution for fleets with long service life and maximum performance.

Fleet customers can reach Mutlu Battery through many distributors and authorized sales points in 81 cities to get the optimum service in the shortest time possible due to the operational structure built exclusively for fleets. Customer representatives periodically visit fleet customers and perform battery measuring activities. In after-sales processes and the fleet channel, Mutlu Battery headquarters offers operational support for training processes and technical support.

Fleet customers are always safe with the Mutlu Battery Mobile Service. Mutlu Battery distributors and authorized dealers can promptly replace the battery or intervene concerning electrical aspects, either on-site service at fleet garages or on-the-road service.

Main sectors where we offer fleet sales services:

Check IconLogistics
Check IconMarine Transportation
Check IconOperations fleet leasing companies
Check IconIntracity bus transportation
Check IconShuttle and passenger transportation
Check IconFood distribution
Check IconConstruction
Check IconGenerator manufacturers
Check IconMunicipalities
Check IconAirport ground services equipment
Check IconIntercity bus transportation
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