AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries

AGM Batteries with VRLA technology are preferred in a wide range of vehicles and different usage areas. Mutlu AGM Batteries provide energy for the operation of the engines and equipment in the vehicles. Mutlu AGM Batteries, which have up to 3 times longer cycle life compared to standard batteries, offer up to 40 percent higher performance. Thanks to their high vibration resistance, they exhibit superior performance compared to standard batteries in extreme climates, variable air temperatures and intense working conditions. Mutlu AGM Batteries have a long service life with their grids with casting technology, glass mat separators, and cover systems with special pressure control valves (VRLA).

Mutlu AGM Batteries meet vehicle manufacturers' technical and superior performance expectations and have a fast charging feature that goes well with the Start-Stop technology. Mutlu AGM Batteries are designed considering the needs of passenger cars with a Start-Stop feature with a new generation regenerative braking system. Brake energy is recovered in these systems. Mutlu AGM Batteries provide advantages with their long cycle life in minivan and panelvan vehicles with Start-Stop and regenerative braking systems that need intense energy. Mutlu AGM Batteries are also preferred for minibuses with similar features, used in VIP transportation with both personnel transportation and high interior equipment. Mutlu AGM Batteries also provide energy for caravans and motor caravans, which are indispensable for free travelers and camping enthusiasts.
Mutlu AGM Batteries can also be used in cold chain transportation and cooling systems. Mutlu AGM Batteries with a long service life can also be used in cleaning equipment and UPS systems.  

  • Special design for vehicles with advanced Start-Stop technology including regenerative braking
  • Thanks to VRLA technology, 3 times longer cycle life and higher charging capacity than standard flooded type batteries
  • Wide range of products that meet the technical and superior performance expectations of vehicle manufacturers

Intended Uses

Maintenance-free product technology with special pressure control valve system (VRLA)

Longer service life and higher endurance with fully framed grid structure

Quick charge acceptance suitable for Start-Stop technology


VRLA teknolojisine sahip AGM Aküler; birçok araç ve farklı kullanım alanı olmak üzere geniş bir yelpazede tercih edilmektedir.


60Ah AGM
  • Mutlu CodeAGM.L2.60.068.A
  • Capacity (Ah)60
  • CC EN (A)680
  • BoxL2
  • Length242
  • Width175
  • Height190
70Ah AGM
  • Mutlu CodeAGM.L3.70.076.A
  • Capacity (Ah)70
  • CC EN (A)760
  • BoxL3
  • Length278
  • Width175
  • Height190
80Ah AGM
  • Mutlu CodeAGM.L4.80.080.A
  • Capacity (Ah)80
  • CC EN (A)800
  • BoxL4
  • Length315
  • Width175
  • Height190
95Ah AGM
  • Mutlu CodeAGM.L5.95.090.A
  • Capacity (Ah)95
  • CC EN (A)900
  • BoxL5
  • Length353
  • Width175
  • Height190
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