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What are the Types of Batteries?

What are the Types of Batteries?

Batteries are classified by types of metal used such as lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel iron.

Today, the most commonly used battery type is lead-acid battery. And these batteries are basically classified into two types, i.e. dry and flooded batteries.

The most widely used types of flooded batteries are conventional automobile batteries called starter or SLI (express as initial letters of Starting-Lighting-Ignition functions). The automobile batteries are classified into two groups; i.e. sealed batteries or batteries with removable plugs. Interior structure of both types is same. That is, they are conventional lead-acid batteries. The difference of sealed batteries is that their plugs cannot be opened. It is appropriate to install them on vehicles that have good voltage mechanism because water cannot be added to these batteries.

In addition, the stationary (fixed type) and traction (forklift) batteries are flooded batteries, although their interior structure and usage area are different.

Interior structures and technologies of the VRLA batteries (dry battery) are different. VRLA means Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery. These batteries are also subdivided into two types by their interior structures.

AGM (absorbed glass mat) and Gel VRLA batteries. Basic characteristic of these batteries is that there is no acid spillage or leakage. Gas output is minimum. As it is, they are very safe with much longer shelf life. Furthermore, they are more resistant to vibration compared to the flooded batteries. Their usage area are the stationary plants, UPSS, boats and power plants.