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Service Instructions

Service Instructions


  • Batteries emit explosive gases during the charging process. The charging process should be performed in a well-ventilated location.
  • Always wear goggles when working on and around the battery.
  • Hydrogen gas generated on the batteries is very flammable. Keep the batteries away from spark flame, burning cigarette, welding, friction and static electric discharge and similar igniting factors. Otherwise, the gas may catch fire and explode.
  • When you remove a battery from the vehicle, first disconnect the negative (-) post; and when you replace a battery on the vehicle, first connect the positive (+) post.
  • Do not connect or disconnect the circuits directly when charging. In order to avoid of spark, always switch of the charging and test equipment when connecting or removing the cable terminal caps.
  • Flooded batteries should not be tilted more than 45 degrees in any direction. Batteries contain sulfuric acid which may cause serious burns. In case of contact with acid, you should wash the affected area with plenty of water and soap. If it contacts with eyes, you should wash your eyes and get medical assistance immediately.  
  • You should allow a frozen battery to heat up to 15 centigrade degree before you connect it to charge.
  • Do not replace the battery on the vehicle before you make sure the battery voltage is in proper direction.
  • Keep the batteries and electrolyte away from the children.
  • Read and comply with the instructions.
  • When you start the vehicle by the use of a jumper cable, connect the jumper cables to the positive (+) posts of both batteries first; and then connect the other cable to the negative (-) posts of the dead and good batteries. The connection should be made away from the grounding frame as far as possible. After start of the vehicle, perform the same procedures in reverse.

Mutlu Service Instructions