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R&D Centre

R&D Centre

MUTLU BATTERY has decided to establish a R&D Centre to make our long-term R&D efforts official.  We started to build the R&D Centre in September 2014 and it was certified by the Ministry of Industry on 09.02.2015 and officially started to operate.

Our R&D centre is spread on an area of 1.228 m2 and located within the existing MUTLU BATTERY plant. Our company supports and encourages the R&D Centre staff to complete their master's and doctoral studies also with providing educational seminars on Personal Development and Technical Trainings. Thanks to this incentive, it is aimed at improving the education level of our R&D Centre personnel in the upcoming years. We attach great important to education and to recruit more personnel to our centre.

The aim of our R&D center is to be the first company to develop new technologies in the sector and to combine these technologies with innovation to serve the end users. Within this scope, many R&D projects are actively carried out under the supervision of Ministry of Industry and Technology. Our new projects are not limited to lead acid batteries which is our main production line-up , but will include innovative battery technologies including lithium-ion.

Strategy and objective of our R&D centre:

  • Developing new products
  • Improving existing products,
  • Improving product quality,
  • Improving product standards,
  • Implementing innovations to reduce costs,
  • Developing new production technologies
  • Improving R&D culture,
  • Training qualified employees for the department,
  • Establishing in-house, national and international cooperation.