Leisure SFB 143 | Mutlu Battery

Marine Batteries are produced with SFB technology to meet the energy needs of water transportation vehicles. They offer high safety with special lid technology featuring a central gas outlet system and flame arrestor. They offer a longer cycle life than standard batteries thanks to the improved grid alloy, active material and special fiber separators.

Mutlu Marine Batteries are made of flame retardant plastic material and have Turkish Lloyd certificate.

Marine Batteries
12V 90Ah
12V 125Ah
12V 180Ah
12V 200Ah



Advanced patented Ca-Ca alloy grid technology exclusively designed for SFB marine batteries
Advanced active material developed for SFB marine batteries
More vibration resistant
Spill proof electrolyde  system up to 55° tilt angle
Sealed safe lid technology
Maintenancefree product technology
Nearly 100% recycling capability of all products make MUTLU environmental friendly and sustainable
Higher performance under severe climate and working conditions compared to standard batteries