Leisure GEL 127 | Mutlu Battery

Mutlu GEL Batteries are the products designed to be used in energy storage solutions, which have the longest cycle life among lead-acid batteries. The electrolyte in the battery is in the gel form instead of liquid. Thanks to the VRLA technology, there is no gas release while using the battery and therefore it is suitable for indoor use. Minimum discharging feature provides maximum shelf life under proper storage conditions.

GEL Batteries
12V 200Ah
12V 230Ah



Advanced patented Ca-Ca alloy grid technology exclusively designed for GEL batteries
Advanced active material developed for GEL batteries
More vibration resistant
Spill proof electrolyde  system up to 55° tilt angle
Exclusively designed valve system with pressure control (VRLA)
Spill proof gel electrolytes
Maintenance-free product technology
Compatible with deep discharge
Nearly 100% recycling capability of all products make MUTLU environmental friendly and sustainable
Higher performance under severe climate and working conditions compared to standard batteries