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AGM (Start - Stop)

AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat (Start - Stop)

These are VRLA type batteries developed with AGM technology, which are suitable for use in vehicles featuring advanced START-STOP technology with regenerative braking feature. Thanks to the special internal structure design of AGM batteries and the VRLA technology, they have 3 times longer cycle life and high charging characteristics compared to flooded type batteries. Mutlu Battery AGM product line, which is also preferred by vehicle manufacturers, includes batteries suitable for all types of vehicles.

AGM Batteries
12V 60Ah
12V 70Ah
12V 80Ah
12V 95Ah



Up to 40% higher performance than standard batteries
Advanced Ca-Ca alloy grid technology
Advanced active material exclusively designed for AGM START STOP technology
Quick charge acceptance for START STOP technology
Increased vibration resistance compared to standard batteries
Reliable solution provider meeting technical and performance expectations of car manufacturers (OEMs)
Exclusively designed valve system with pressure control (VRLA) and maintenance-free product technology
Up to 3 times longer life cycle compared to standard batteries
Innovative products for START STOP vehicles supporting reduced carbon dioxide emission
Nearly 100% recycling capability of all products make MUTLU environmental friendly and sustainable
Replace with the same technology battery
Higher performance under severe climate and working conditions compared to standard batteries