VRLA - Gel

In stationary product family, fully sealed valve-regulated stationary plant batteries with absorbed separators are now being manufactured. These products are used as power sources in applications including UPS, power plants in closed spaces (with no special ventilation requirements). MUTLU BATTERY has added real dry-type maintenance-free (VRLA) batteries to its product range, mainly used in Continuous Power Sources System.  VRLA type batteries are first used in Turkey by MUTLU BATTERY and their areas of implementation include telecommunications, various power and telephone plants, power generation company, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems etc. As an AGM battery, Express Power VRLA ensures high performance and reliability for long-term applications. Manufactured at MUTLU BATTERY facilities for the first and only time in Turkey, they are genuine dry type, maintenance-free batteries featuring "gas recombination" system used in uninterruptable power supply systems.  Batteries of this type feature fire retardant cases, low-pressure automatic shut-off valve control and high-rate gas recombination.  Important advantages of sealed system batteries are being maintenance-free and the capacity to be used in enclosed locations including in-device, and even in vertical or horizontal positions.
Main areas of use for OPzS and VRLA type products vary from telecommunication sector to control in energy and transportation sector, communication, signalization systems, power plants, information processing centres, uninterruptable power supplies, safety systems, auxiliary energy systems in naval vessels and various industrial applications.

  • Provides high reliability and performance.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fire retardant case
  • Suitable for use in enclosed areas.