Stationary-Stationary-Unit Flooded Type Cell (2V) 59 | Mutlu Battery
Flooded Type Cell (2V)

Stationary batteries manufactured as 2V single cell.  Depending on usage location, cells are merged to create the battery group. These batteries come in two types as standard flooded type (OPzS) and Gel type (OPzV). Low-maintenance, Tubular Stationary Unit (OPzS) batteries are standby batteries manufactured to be connected to systems as an uninterruptable energy supply. For the user, float voltage operation system require minimum maintenance and low energy costs. Thanks to its main feature, low antimony lead alloy tubular positive plates, it decreases the discharge by itself and reduced water loss significantly. It has high active material retention and charge-discharge capacity.

Being used to prevent potential shutdowns and interruptions caused by sudden power failures, OPzS batteries are available in transparent cases. They require low maintenance with their separator and alloy structure, and have a life span of 20 years and beyond. Our accumulators comply with TSE and DIN standards.  They are between 100Ah.-3000Ah. capacities, and have the same internal structure and usage areas as mono blocks. Low-maintenance batteries are durable against 1200-1500 charge-discharge circuit.

  • Minimum maintenance
  • High active material retention
  • High charge-discharge capacity
  • Available in transparent case
  • Long life