Stationary-Stationary-Unit Flooded Type Cell (2V) 58 | Mutlu Battery
Flooded Type Cell (2V)

They include the batteries that can meet the high energy needs of vehicles such as buses and trucks, suitable for cranking and energy usage.
Super heavy duty batteries with kamina covers consist of the kamina system that provides central gas output. Thanks to this system, each cell is interconnected and central gas output is realized through a filter located at the bottom of the cover. Since there are no separate gas output from each cell, the battery is completely straight and not affected by soiling problems experienced in vehicles used in construction site conditions.

  • As required, structure that allows the gas inside to be released outside by adding a hose to central exit
  • Straight and durable cover structure
  • Significantly low water loss design thanks to Ca-Ca internal structure
  • Environmental protection and safety through central gas output and filtration system