Mutlu Battery's Istanbul Dealers Met At Boshphorus

MUTLU AKÜ, met with Asian Side distributor group of 240 people on July 27 with its traditional Bosphorus tour organization and European Side distributor group of 250 people on July 28.

Mutlu Battery's Istanbul Dealers Met At Boshphorus

In these organizations attended by Mutlu AKÜ managers, Sales and Marketing Director Cagri SAVASAN, Distributors Sales Director Hakan OKUR, Distributors Sales Manager Bulent SEN, Trainings Manager Serife ZEYBEK, Advertisement and Public Relations Cheif Canan HATUNOGLU, Regional Managers Hurhan SERT and Yakup KAYMAZ and regional officials attended, distributors and sub-distributors were contacted one on one. The event that hosted large groups of participants started with a cocktail before the Bosphorus landscape. The event continued with dinner and a successful performance by a music band and a dance show continued throughout the event.

At the end of the night, some gifts were presented to our distributors with a draw among our distributors that participated in the event.

While enjoying the pleasure of coming together with distributors operating in Istanbul, Mutlu Battery also set a beautiful example of hospitality.