Mutlu Battery introduced the technologies of future in Dubai | Mutlu Battery

Mutlu Battery introduced the technologies of future in Dubai

Mutlu Battery exhibited the latest technologies in its sector at Automechanika Dubai Trade Show.

Mutlu Battery introduced the technologies of future in Dubai

Mutlu Battery, the leading brand of Turkish battery industry, introduced a wide of range of products from lithium-ion batteries to Start-Stop batteries, heavy duty-batteries and marine batteries during the Automechanika Dubai Trade Show carried out on 10-12 June 2019. Mutlu Battery's new technologies were shown a great interest during Automechanika Dubai, which allowed to make connections with the markets of Africa, Asia, Middle East and CIS countries and to come together with professionals from the industry.

Start-Stop battery to reduce carbon emissions

Start&Stop batteries were one of the top products exhibited at Mutlu Battery's booth. Start&Stop batteries designed by Mutlu Battery for ensuring fuel economy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are produced in two types which are the EFB (Enhanced Floating Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. EFB batteries possessing concentrated energy have been designed for use in all vehicles with Start&Stop feature and thanks to their reinforced internal structure, they have 2 times longer service life compared to a standard battery. The AGM technology is specifically designed for use in advanced Start & Stop vehicles and it has higher starting power and life resistance than standard floating batteries thanks to its technology.

Tomorrow's Technology: Lithium-Ion batteries

The Lithium-ion batteries, which were also exhibited in the trade show, were also a center of interest during the trade show. With increasing demand for hybrid vehicle technology, which is becoming more and more popular all over the world due to their environmental friendliness and less fossil fuel consumption, vehicle manufacturers have started to prefer lithium-ion batteries. Having used not only in hybrid cars, but also in vehicles in the industrial sector, such as home energy storage, renewable energy, UPS, telecom and forklift, Lithium-Ion batteries are also regarded as environmentally friendly because they are used in vehicles that aim to reduce carbon emissions.

Lower volume more energy

Lithium-Ion batteries, which have higher energy densities than the standard batteries, can store more energy than the standard batteries, despite of their lower volume and weight. Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life than lead acid batteries.