Mutlu Battery introduced its technologies in Russia | Mutlu Battery

Mutlu Battery introduced its technologies in Russia

Mutlu Battery brought together many of its special products such as Lithium-Ion, Taxi and Start-Stop AGM batteries during the exhibition, MIMS Automechanika Moscow Trade Show in Russia.

Mutlu Battery introduced its technologies in Russia

Mutlu Battery, the leader of Turkish battery industry, brought its new products and technologies together with the professionals from the industry and participants during the MIMS Automechanika Moscow trade show on the 26TH - 29TH of August, 2019. Mutlu Battery also shared a wide range of products from SFB technology and Lithium-Ion batteries to Start-Stop AGM and EFB technologies and heavy duty-batteries at its stand with the participants.

Batteries with up to 2 times longer service life

The AGM technology is specifically designed for use in advanced Start & Stop vehicles. It's a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) AGM (absorbed glass mat) type, which is the peak point reached by lead acid battery technology. Thanks to this new technology, there is no free electrolyte in it. With benefits of the VRLA feature, it has a gas recombination system. It has been developed with maintenance-free feature in standard floating batteries. It has a solid internal structure with positive plates in the casting structure and negative plates in the Con-Cast structure and has higher starting power and life resistance than standard floating batteries. It is the most suitable battery for use in advanced S&S systems. The characteristics of the taxi batteries come to forefront as they are stronger than the standard batteries, have two times longer service life and are vibration-resistant.

Moments of Joy with Justice League Heroes

The stand, which gained great interest from the visitors because of the competitions featuring its licensed super heroes of Justice League, was spotlighted during the trade show.