Mutlu Battery introduced its Products and Technologies at Automechanika Istanbul | Mutlu Battery

Mutlu Battery introduced its Products and Technologies at Automechanika Istanbul

Mutlu Battery, industry's leading battery manufacturer, introduced its products and technologies at the Automechanika Istanbul Trade Show, the largest spare parts trade show in the region.

Mutlu Battery introduced its Products and Technologies at Automechanika Istanbul

Mutlu Battery, the leader of the Turkish battery industry and top brand in its sector, brought its products and technologies together with the professionals from the industry and visitors, during Automechanika Istanbul, which was organized at TUYAP Exhibition and Congress Centre on 4-7 April. During the trade show, which was shown a great interest by businesspersons inland and abroad, Mutlu Battery took part with its wide product range from the SFB technology to Start-Stop AGM and EFB technology, heavy-duty batteries to marine batteries and from industrial batteries to lithium-ion batteries.

Mutlu Battery made a difference during the trade show with its products totally produced domestically and product technologies developed in Mutlu Battery R & D Center. Mutlu Battery, sharing the battery and energy storage systems with the users during the trade show, has once again brought its vision of quality products and excellent service, together with the consumers.

Cooperation transferred from one generation to another

Sector’s number one Mutlu Battery, which has been performing production in Turkey for 74 years since 1954 and is the most valuable brand of its sector, met with its Turkish regional dealers during Automechanika Istanbul Trade Show. Having met with 28 regional dealers at the fair area, Mutlu Battery shared the seniority awards with its business partners in this big gathering. Mutlu Battery welcomed its regional dealers at its stand in the trade show for this cooperation, that has been transferred from one generation to another and thanked them for their valuable contributions to the Mutlu Battery brand. With the award ceremony held at the trade show, Mutlu Battery presented the plaque of appreciation to the regional dealers for their business partnerships for the periods ranging from 62 years to 1 year.

Mutlu Batteries Specially Designed for Start-Stop Technology

The Start-Stop technology compliant batteries of Mutlu Battery, attracted great interest at the fair. Designed to ensure fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Mutlu Start-Stop batteries are produced in two types as EFB (Enhanced Floating Type) and AGM (Dry type). Mutlu Battery's EFB batteries with concentrated energy have been specially designed for use in all vehicles featuring Start-Stop technology. These batteries are also floating type, like standard batteries. Thanks to their strengthened internal structure, Mutlu Start Stop Batteries have up to 3 times more cycle life, faster charging and up to 40% higher performance than a similar battery of the same capacity.