Lithium Ion, Technology of The Future, Awaits You In Mutlu Battery Booth!

Mutlu Battery displayed its new products and the newest technologies in the industry at Automechanika Istanbul Exhibition. The event marked the world premiere of Lithium Ion batteries, specially developed for hybrid cars following intensive R&D works.

Lithium Ion, Technology of The Future, Awaits You In Mutlu Battery Booth!

Leading company in battery industry, Mutlu Battery displayed its new products to sector professionals and visitors at Automechanika Istanbul which took place in Tüyap Exhibiton and Congress Center.

Mutlu Battery displayed its large product line-up including SFB technology, Start-Stop AGM and EFB technology, heavy-duty batteries, and Marine batteries while sharing its insights on today’s trends and future of the sector with the visitors.

More power with Lithium-Ion Batteries 

Lithium-Ion battery, making its premiere in Turkey, was the center of attention of Mutlu Battery booth at Automechanika. Developed by R&D Center of Mutlu Battery located in the company’s production facilities in Tuzla, Lithium-Ion batteries were designed for hybrid cars which have become a more popular choice around the world. Lithium –Ion batteries have more power density, enabling them, despite their smaller volume and reduced weight, store more power than standard batteries. Lithium-ion batteries also have longer lifecycle than lead-acid batteries.

Areas of application of Lithium-Ion batteries is not limited to hybrid cars. They are also used in a wide range of industrial applications including household power storage, renewable energy, UPS, Telecom and forklift. They are considered as environmental friendly as they are used in vehicles aiming at reducing the carbon emissions.

Developing Lithium-Ion battery market 

Mutlu Battery CEO Göksel Paker says that hybrid car technology has become increasingly widespread because it is more environmental friendly and consumes less fosil fuel, leading to increased demand of lithium-ion batteries by car manufacturers. He continues, “Currently, lithium-ion batteries are more costly than standard acid batteries. However, we believe that prices will go down as the global demand to hybrid car technology increases over time. Considering their performance and long lifecycle, they will have more competitive prices in the near future.”

Paker states that Mutlu Battery collaborates with car manufacturers to use these batteries in innovative cars and implements intensive R&D projects with an expert team of engineers to develop lithium-ion batteries. Paker says that lithium-ion batteries, according to Mutlu Battery’s goals and vision for 2020, will be more commonly used in the years to come, just like Start-Stop systems of today, and that they predict an increase in the market share of lithium-ion batteries in line with the increased market demand in post-2020. 

“The goal is to make Turkey a hub of production for Start-Stop batteries”

Also sharing insights on Mutlu Battery’s goals for 2020, CEO Göksel Paker says, “We contribute to national economy by exporting to over 70 countries across 4 continents. We intend to serve larger geographies. As we continue to invest in new Technologies, we will become the production hub for Start-Stop batteries, designed specifically for Start-Stop vehicles.” Paker indicates that with its premium products, Mutlu Battery aims at being a more preferred battery brand in every country in which it operates. Paker continues, “We have great goal and we are capable of achieving them. We aim that, in our 75th anniversary, we become an innovative company leading the Turkish market with its way of doing business, respecting the environment and society.”