Mutlu Battery Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As Mutlu Battery; our main focus is on the production and sales of the Battery is to accelerated enhance in quality and meeting customer demand at the highest level.

We regard our customers’ feedback as an opportunity for development and efficacious evaluation

In the route we have drawn to reach the target,we give an undertake to;

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Fulfill national and international standard requirements
  • Meet legal legislation requirements
  • Leave a clean world to the future.

We associate with our suppliers who accompany us during whole production process in development, and we support them. We define implimentable expectations of our stakeholders and related parties and meet those in accordance with our ethical values.

We believe that the delivery of products in requested quantity and time with Mutlu quality can be realized through right communication. We plan our work with proper communication to protect and upgrade our product quality.

In order to catch up with ever-evolving technology and to contribute to current developments, we carry out R & D studies.

We manage the health and safety of our employees who play the leading role in battery production and sales with 0 Tolerance point of view.

By considering Operational Excellence as a means of development, we aim to achieve goals within a team spirit.

With a risk-based approach in our processes, we are committed to improve our Quality Management Systems continuously.

Achim Lülsdorf

Quality Policy