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Mutlu Battery Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Mutlu Akü has a commitment to protect and improve environmental quality.

In order fulfil this commitment, Mutlu Akü will:

  • carry out environmental review activities in all products and operations on production lines.
  • ensure continuous development on environmental issues.
  • comply with environmental legislation and administrative regulations.
  • To prevent pollution, Mutlu Akü will:

1- take into account the environmental factors in its new products, projects and production operations.
2- investigate the substances with less pollutant properties to reduce the use of harmful substances in product design and manufacturing processes.
3- make effort to reduce the production of waste at source and to reuse, recycle and recover waste.
4- save energy, water and natural resources by reducing their consumption in order to increase efficiency and promote the use of new technologies.
5- organize activities to raise environmental awareness.

  • By renewing its Environmental Policy in line with the contemporary conditions and developments, Mutlu Akü will ensure the continuity of the improvements regarding its environmental vision and follow the relevant decisions taken.

Scope of the Environment Management System:

Mutlu Akü ve Malzemeleri Sanayi A.Ş. engages in the design, production, and servicing of lead-acid accumulators at its plant located at Tepeören Mahallesi Eski Ankara Asfaltı Caddesi No: 210 Tuzla / ISTANBUL. The ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System, established by Mutlu Akü, covers all its liabilities of conformity and all activities, products and services within the above described institutional unit, functional and physical borders, together with its internal and external matters that have an effect on the environment.