Measurement | Mutlu Battery



Always check the following conditions when inspecting a battery:

• Loose, displaced or torn terminals
• Cracked-broken case or cover
• Displaced, broken or obstructed plug holes, clogged gas output holes
• If the battery is not damaged, proceed to the next step.

Measuring Charge Level:

Measure open circuit voltage with a precision voltmeter.

NOTE: Never measure the charge level of a battery that is still in the vehicle or has just been taken out from charging.  These situations provide a false high voltage surface charge. In order to eliminate surface charge, discharge the battery by using 15x15A or keeping the headlights on for 15 minutes if it is in a vehicle.

If the charging state;

If the battery is charged for at least 75% (approximate voltage=12.4 *V), proceed to the load test; if it is below 75%, recharge it according to the specified method before the load test. Voltage and intensity values may vary depending on the battery design.

Load Test:

Battery test under load and evaluating the results depend on the systems of devices used. Load test and results evaluation are carried out as per device instructions.

Inspecting Vehicle’s Electrical Equipment:

Inspect the vehicle’s related electrical equipment when installing a new accumulator or in case of a faulty battery. Most common error in vehicles is over-charging or under-charging. Apply full throttle with a regular battery and check whether alternator output voltage is between 13,8-14,4 volts for hybrid batteries; 13,8-14,9V range is acceptable for Ca-Ca accumulators.  (for 12V vehicle)

NOTE: For vehicles where disconnecting the battery causes a blackout for electronic circuits and coding, prevent shutdown of the system by connecting a second battery or by activating a special device before disconnecting.

Charge level with 1,280 initial electrolyte at 27°C

% Approx. Charge    Open Circuit V.     Approx. Intensity
             100                          12.6 V                  1.280
             75                            12.4 V                  1.240
             50                            12.2 V                  1.200
             25                            12.0 V                  1.160

Note: Disconnecting the battery will cause blackout in electronic systems; an auxiliary power connection can be made using car lighter outlet to prevent it.