Ethics | Mutlu Battery


Mutlu Code of Conduct stresses our commitment to a system of strong values. Ethical values are those unchanging and fundamental principles that must guide us every day to do what's right for our customers, ourselves, our colleagues, our business partners and shareholders:

  • We obey the law
  • We communicate in a respectful, cooperative and solution-oriented spirit
  • We do what we say and say what we do and never make a promise that we do not intend to keep
  • We are honest with ourselves and others around us
  • We aim to create a fun and safe work environment for ourselves and our colleagues

I expect of myself and every employee to adopt and internalize the values laid out in the code of conduct.

I envision Mutlu to be a company that is admired for the quality of its people, respected for its honest business dealings and applauded for its performance.

Warm regards,

Achim Lülsdorf, CEO

Mutlu Code of Conduct Handbook