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Natural Life

MUTLU BATTERY has completely fulfils all of its duties on awareness on environmental and nature. In this framework, it acts in line with this sense of awareness in every field concerning the entire life cycle of a battery from engineering and manufacturing to usage, maintenance and recycling. Having acquired all Quality Documents and Environment Management System Documents after being evaluated by independent international institutions, MUTLU BATTERY sheds light to many companies in the sector with its environmental efforts.

20,000 trees at our facilities and peacocks living in our facility in the necessary natural life conditions provided for them symbolize the importance that MUTLU BATTERY attaches to the environment.

BATTERY in Solar Houses

The “VRLA” batteries serving as the energy storing unit of the solar panels used in the “Solar Houses Project” conducted by the United Nations Development Program and Diyarbakir Municipality under the leadership of Secretariat of the State Planning Organization were supplied by MUTLU BATTERY.

Diyarbakir Solar House is the first important modern step that exhibits the possibilities regarding life and encourages everyone with the simplicity of its installation.

Implemented and brought into service in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, this Project constituted the first step of training and awareness raising activities for the use of solar energy. In addition, public trainings on energy will continue in this region.