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Customer Experience Policy

Customer Experience Policy

Mutlu Battery considers being a customer-oriented company and providing its customers with a unique and perfect customer experience as its primary objective.

In order to realize this objective;

It is aimed to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. In order to exceed expectations, insight is obtained through ethnographic research, contextual interviews, surveys, and the customer's voice is taken into account.

Customers are taken to the center in all processes and all employees know that the reason for their existence is customers. Corporate culture and strategies are established accordingly.

The same language is spoken with the customer and it is ensured that employees always think in the same way customers do.

Customer Journey Map is designed to determine the points of contact and the emotions at these points of contact and continuous development of points is ensured.

Elimination of problematic points that do not add value to the customer and providing a smooth experience in all end-to-end processes at the contact points are among our priorities.

To listen to our customers, we establish feedback mechanisms that are accessible to our customers. Our customers can easily access the Experience Center through different channels even after sales. Customer suggestions and complaints are recorded in the CRM system and every customer is returned as soon as possible.

Mutlu Battery undertakes to evaluate all applications in a fair, equal and impartial manner.

We carefully regularly review and continuously improve all processes and used systems in contact with the customer to identify areas that are open to improvement and increase efficiency.

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