Complaints Handling Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

As set forth in the Quality Policy of Mutlu Battery, our basic task is to provide superior quality products and services to fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers and business partners. And our target is to be a company that goes beyond the customer expectations and serve as a model in terms of quality. And we are quite aware that this target can be achieved only by handling all customer feedback efficiently and effectively and fulfilling customer satisfaction.

  • We fulfil all our legal and ethical liabilities towards our customers.
  • We consider it our most basic goal to meet customer satisfaction. To this end, we record, evaluate and timely respond to all feedback from our customers.
  • We apply urgent solutions as soon as possible to ensure customer satisfaction as soon as possible basing upon results of examinations we make in connection with the complaints that may arise from products and processes.
  • We analyse data collected from such feedback to constantly improve our products and processes.

Taking further steps in this path, we shall attain our target to become a company setting an example in meeting the customer expectations.