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Charging Maintenance

Charging and Maintenance


Charging duration for batteries with opening plugs (cover) depends on the electrolyte intensity level in all cells to be 1.280 g/cm3 between 20°-35°C. Charging stops when this value is reached. The battery is rested for 30 minutes, electrolyte level is set to maximum line, its surface is wiped and installed in the vehicle. Batteries stored as flooded charged or discharged accumulators came from customers are charged depending on their charge levels in addition to currents and durations given below. However, used batteries may not reach the desired intensity level. Unless the corrected intensity changes during the last two hours of charging process, applied charging amount is considered sufficient.  For fully closed batteries without opening plugs, charging is applied according to voltage values.

• Ensure that charging device is not activated.
• Determine charging level of battery.
• Connect the battery to charging device. Positive to positive, negative to negative. Take care not to make terminal connection in reverse.
• Choose current and voltage values according to charging device's specifications and instructions, and start charging.
• Turn off the device before disconnecting terminals.
• Measure open circuit voltage and intensity values to see if additional charging is required.

Open Circuit Voltage = 11.70V-12.40V      

Open Circuit Voltage =< 11.70V

Battery Capacity (Ah) Charging Duration
• You can charge multiple batteries with the same capacity simultaneously.
• Discharged batteries freeze in lower degrees in cold weather (-5 degrees -10 degrees)
• Do not attempt to charge a frozen battery; ensure that it is at room temperature before charging.
• Over-charge shortens the life span of the battery.