2016 ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate

2015 70th Year

2015 Establishment of R&D Center

2013 Acquisition of Mutlu Akü by Metair Group

2013 Gel Type Accumulator Production for Marine & Energy Applications

2013 CA CA Kamina Type Heavy Vehicle Accumulator Production

2012 Start Stop - AGM Accumulator Production

2012 Commissioning CON&CAST Systems in Plate Production

2012 Commissioning the Punch Systems in Plate Production

2009 Silver Calcium Accumulator Production

2008 Start Stop – EFB Accumulator Production

2007 Turkish Loyd Certificate

2006 Recorvery License Granted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

2006 Production of VRLA (Fully-Closed) Stationary Accumulator

2003 ISO/TS 16949-Quality Certificate TSE ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate

2002 DQS ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate

2001 Ca-Ca Expanded Accumulator Production

2000 DQS ISO 9000 Certificate

1999 Production of Accumulator with Expanded Metal Technology

1998 Production of Calcium-Alloyed Accumulator

1996 Use of Indicator (Charge Lamp) in Accumulators

1996 Moving to Tepeören-Tuzla Facilities

1994 DQS ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate

1991 Production of Accumulator with Polyethylene Envelope Type Separator

1990 Minitrack Accumulator Production

1987 Production of Maintenance-Free Plastic Accumulator

1986 Production of Transparent Stationary Unit Accumulators (OPzS)

1980 PVC Separator Production

1980 Production of Low-Maintenance Plastic Accumulator

1964 Production of Motorcycle Accumulator

1964 Production of Accumulators for Stationary Units and Towtrucks

1955 Transition to Accumulator Production

1945 Establishment of Mutlu Anonim Şirketi