MUTLU Battery Named The Best of 2015 in Interactive Media Awards

Interactive Media Awards (IMA) awarded Mutlu Battery website, the leader company battery manufacturing in Turkey, “Excellence” prize in “Transportation” category in 2015.

Being one of the most prestigious awards of the digital world and attracting many participants in different categories, Interactive Media Awards (IMA) announced the results of 2015. Mutlu Akü is named in the category of “Transportation” by Interactive Media Awards (IMA), which was established to encourage and support the websites in the international arena.

Websites are reviewed based on many criteria such as design, content, practicality, functionality and user-friendliness to receive these significant awards.

The grand jury of the competition awarding the best websites every year consists of representatives from worldwide renowned brands including American Express, Cadbury Schweppes, CNN Money, Conde Nast, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, New York Times, Ogilvy & Mather, Time Warner and Verizon Business.